Power Health and Performance Success Stories

  • Jayne, Power Health and Performance Testimonials

    When I started training at PHP my goal was to get my weight down to 135 pounds so I could look my best at my wedding! I tried for over a year to achieve this goal but I was unsuccessful, with the demands of work and life I struggled to stay consistent enough with my workouts and nutrition. I even worked with multiple personal trainers throughout that time but was unable to reach my goal.

    Then I met John when he called my business Westchester Body Works with interest in our massage therapy. When he told me about PHP it sounded different from any of the other training I had done. They provided me with consistent, organized training and nutrition programs that were individualized for me and they held me accountable to them which may have been the biggest benefit! They even tracked my body fat using their InBody scale which really helped keep me motivated and on track.

    In the 5 months leading up to my wedding I was able to lose 14lbs of fat going from 145-131lbs! I also loved all of the great mobility drills and exercises that really helped my body feel stonger. I started out with basic strength exercises and was able to progress to be able to do pull ups! Which was always a goal of mine! I am in the best shape I have ever been and I am feeling excited and confident for my wedding day!

  • Dan, Power Health and Performance Testimonials

    Prior to training I was in decent shape but constantly fighting off injury including a inguinal hernia. While not fat or poorly conditioned my body had very little tone or definition. My goals were to tone up and increase my strength without injury which has been the case. My back used to hurt constantly and now not at all. I have lowered my body fat percentage by 6 points to reach my goal of under 15% and significantly increased my strength. I am now able to dead lift 325 lbs which is more than 2x my body weight!. I think more importantly because of the training I have developed a love for working out which keeps me going and the variety of exercises and programs has kept my interest up.

  • Debra, Power Health and Performance Testimonials

    Prior to training, I had lead a relatively inactive lifestyle. Health issues followed, resulting in a total hip replacement October of 2014. I was not only out of shape, but had great difficulties with mobility and balance that compounded my physical capabilities in everyday life activities. We set goals to improve lifestyle, and they have greatly surpassed anything I could have imagined! I am exercising on a daily basis and haven't felt this good in years!

    Debra was also the winner of our first ever 6 week fitness challenge "The Power 6 Challenge" and lost 3.5% body fat which is 7 pounds of fat in 6 weeks! Below is a photo of her receiving the 500$ winning prize!

  • Chris, Power Health and Performance Testimonials

    When I started training I was significantly overweight (315 pounds) based on eating habits, lack of exercise, extensive travel and poor sleep habits. My primary goal was to lose weight. Over the course of a year, I lost 40 pounds, lost 10% body fat, changed my eating habits, dramatically improved my mobility and gained a much better sense of total well being and fitness. And now, after 5 years of not playing, I am able to play basketball 1-3x/week.

  • Mike, Power Health and Performance Testimonials

    I experienced great results throughout the months I trained. I learned a lot of valuable information about maintaining an all-around healthy lifestyle. I learned how to correctly weight train on a weekly basis. My athleticism increased greatly and I am definitely happy with the results. In 10 months of training I was able to gain 15 lbs of muscle, increase my single leg vertical jump by 6 inches, increase my two leg vertical jump by 8 inches and accomplish my goal of dunking!


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