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"I have been able to eliminate my back pain, and definitely create the V in my physique! I have lowered my body fat percentage 6% to reach my goal of under 15% and significantly increased my strength. I am now able to deadlift 325lbs which is more than 2x my body weight! I believe I now have found the recipe to accomplish my goals which is empowering and to me is even more important than accomplishing the goals themselves. I have learned how to train and eat properly and feel in control because of these new-found skills."


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Online Coaching near Harrison
"In 12 months, Juan lost 12% body fat, which was 31 pounds of fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 4 pounds of muscle.
He reported to us, “My energy levels are so much better, I also don’t have any more shoulder or knee pain, and this has freed me to confidently enjoy the sports and activities I love like skiing, running, and playing tennis. I really needed all the mobility training and functional movement approach; this is what helped me get rid of the pain from my old injuries."


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“In 12 months, Ben lost 8% body fat, which was 20lbs of fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 5lbs of muscle. He reported to us "I have improved my mobility, posture, and strength significantly. I feel the strongest I have in over 10 years. My friends and family have told me they haven’t seen me like this in 30 years! Deep down I really didn’t believe it was possible for me to accomplish my goals at my age and since it had been so long."

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In 3 months, Arvind lost 4.5% body fat, which was 11.2 pounds of body fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 4.6 pounds of muscle! He has also reported to us ”My energy levels are much better and I’m no longer feeling the aches and pains I used to have going through my daily activities. I am feeling much stronger and leaner.
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In 6 months, Jay lost 6% body fat, which was 10.4 pounds of body fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 3 pounds of muscle.
He reported to us ”My energy levels are much better, and my posture, strength, and conditioning are much improved. I’m no longer dealing with the neck pain that I used to have. I am feeling the best I’ve felt in my life when playing tennis and golf.
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In only 6-weeks, Neco lost 4.1% body fat, which was 9 pounds of body fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 1.3 pounds of muscle. He reported to us "The nutrition guidance helped me get rid of cravings for sugar and carbs so I have cut out most bread and sugar and I am feeling better and more energetic. Also, my posture is feeling much better due to the mobility drills and strength training exercises in my program
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In only 6-weeks, Paul lost 8% body fat, which was 19.4 pounds of body fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 0.7 pounds of muscle. He reported to us ”Since I had a special vacation coming up I really focused on executing every aspect of the program. The nutrition plan was huge for me and I followed it almost exactly throughout the 6-weeks. My energy levels are feeling so much better and my endurance is much improved from the interval training
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In only 6-weeks, McLee lost 3.8% body fat, which was 8.2 pounds of body fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 1 pound of muscle. He reported to us ”The guidance I received on nutrition made the biggest difference for me, I had already been training hard in the gym for years. I also learned a lot about improving my mobility, posture, and the technique of my exercises, especially my deadlifts.
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Joe M
In only 6-weeks, Joe lost 4.3% body fat, which was 11lbs of fat for him, while simultaneously gaining 1 pound of muscle. He reported "I've gained so much awareness about my nutrition and I am no longer cravings carbs like bread anymore. My energy levels are better, my cardio is so much better, and I can feel the improvements in my strength and posture
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"When I started training I was significantly overweight (315 pounds) based on eating habits, lack of exercise, extensive travel and poor sleep habits. My primary goal was to lose weight. Over the course of a year, I lost 40 pounds, lost 10% body fat, changed my eating habits, dramatically improved my mobility and gained a much better sense of total well being and fitness. And now, after 5 years of not playing, I am able to play basketball 1-3x/week."


In 6 months, Kathy lost 4.4% body fat, which was 6 pounds of body fat for her, while simultaneously gaining 0.6 pounds of muscle. She reported to us ”He (Coach John) helped me stay accountable and gave me goals that I had not even thought about achieving in the past and that’s really with his help and navigation and coordination of how we built a program around what my needs were, that was probably the magic that Power Health and Performance established with me. I had been at a number of big name gyms in the past and once you see the difference here you’ll never go back to the big name gyms because they don’t carry the attention and the personalized focus on your conditioning and health, not their protocol."

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In 6-weeks, Tara lost 4.4% body fat, which was 10.4 pounds of body fat for her. She reported to us ”I am feeling great about getting back into exercising and eating healthy consistently. I have changed so many of my eating habits for the better. I am feeling encouraged that I have been able to get back to strength training and not have any low back pain which I had struggled with in the past. The instruction I received on how to do each exercise with proper technique has really helped.
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In only 6-weeks, Susan lost 6% body fat, which was 10.1 pounds of body fat for her, while simultaneously gaining 1.5 pounds of muscle. She reported "I feel so much stronger in my core and body throughout my day and activities. I feel the strongest I have ever felt skiing and playing tennis
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"My results have truly been lifesaving, I have significantly improved the function of my body and I am able to move throughout my day without the pain that I suffered from for so long. I am able to walk regularly and even do activities like jumping rope and playing squash which, I could have never imagined I would be able to! Not only that, I also have lost the 20lbs and 7% body fat that I had tried for 20 years to lose!"


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"When I started training at PHP my goal was to get my weight down to 135 pounds so I could look my best at my wedding! I tried for over a year to achieve this goal but I was unsuccessful, with the demands of work and life I struggled to stay consistent enough with my workouts and nutrition. I even worked with multiple personal trainers throughout that time but was unable to reach my goal. In the 5 months training at PHP leading up to my wedding, I was able to lose 14lbs of fat! I also loved all of the great mobility drills and exercises that really helped my body feel stronger. I started out with basic strength exercises and was able to progress to be able to do pull-ups! Which was always a goal of mine! I am in the best shape I have ever been and I am feeling excited and confident for my wedding day!"

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When Evan first started working with us he had knee pain that forced him to miss almost his entire junior basketball season. We created an individualized program to address his unique needs and weaknesses and within a few months he was back to being functional and able to play again. He also made great improvements to his vertical jump, speed, and agility, and body composition. 

- Max Vertical Jump 25"-28.5" 
- Broad Jump 92"-99" 
- 10 Yard Sprint 1.91-1.75 sec 
- NBA Shuttle (Lateral Agility Test) 2.96-2.78 
- Body Fat 16%-11%

Personal Training near Rye
'At PHP John and his staff helped me gain strength and confidence in my body prior to basketball season. Ultimately allowing me to make my varsity basketball team. I have decreased pain in my knees as well and have been moving better ever since. I highly recommend PHP to anybody considering it." During Spencer's offseason (about 6 months) he gained 10lbs of muscle, lost 2% body fat, increased his Vertical Jump by 3 inches, increased his broad jump by 7 inches, decreased his 10 yard sprint from 2 sec to 1.91, and decreased his lateral agility shuttle from 3.13 sec to 3.09.
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"I experienced great results throughout the months I trained. I learned a lot of valuable information about maintaining an all-around healthy lifestyle. I learned how to correctly weight train on a weekly basis. My athleticism increased greatly and I am definitely happy with the results. In 10 months of training I was able to gain 15 lbs of muscle, increase my single leg vertical jump by 6 inches, increase my two leg vertical jump by 8 inches and accomplish my goal of dunking!"

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