The Story of Power Health and Performance

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The Story of Power Health and Performance

The idea of Power Health and Performance was once only a dream, later to be transformed into reality by the company’s founder and owner, John Calarco. John realized his passion for health and performance at the young age of eight when he began playing organized sports, and that passion continued to abound as he grew.

He dedicated 13 years to competitive basketball, playing from elementary and middle school to high school and college. Throughout his athletic journey John had a deep determination to figure out how he could become a great athlete and achieve his performance goals. He faced many health and performance challenges along the way which made his determination even stronger and drove him to begin studying what it takes to maximize health and performance.

John played Varsity Basketball for 3 years at New Rochelle High School, where he continued to learn new ways to improve his athletic ability and basketball skill, from reading books and watching instructional videos to attending camps and, most importantly, training with basketball and sports performance coaches. His success as a high school player led to him being recruited and offered scholarships by multiple colleges. After he completed his final high school season, John committed to attend Adelphi University.

When he got to Adelphi he knew exactly what he would major in: Exercise Science. He had already been studying it for years through all of the reading and researching he had done to improve his own athleticism. Despite an extremely challenging four years of health issues and 3 significant injuries he had to work hard to overcome, John had a successful college-playing career which drove him to pursue a professional basketball career.

After pursuing a professional basketball career and simultaneously coaching clients and competitive athletes to achieve their health, fitness, and athletic performance goals, John made the decision to commit fully to launching a health and performance training business, and thus Power Health and Performance was conceived back in August 2016.

John founded Power Health and Performance with a clear vision and mission: to inspire and guide adults and youth athletes to become their strongest in mind, body, and spirit so they can create their best health, physical body, and life. John’s unique blend of experience as an athlete, exercise scientist, and coach have led to tremendous growth and understanding of what it takes to achieve sustainable health and performance success, and it is now John’s personal mission to share all of this knowledge with everyone he comes in contact with.

The name reflects this purpose: the word “Power” is significant because when the company mission is carried out people realize their true “Power” - the power within each of us to achieve our biggest goals and create abundant lives for ourselves and others on this planet. This starts with “Health” - when we are in a state of health we can “Perform” at a high level in our lives, relationships, careers, workouts, and sports with the clarity and energy to experience sustainable, long-term success and fulfillment.

At Power Health and Performance, this mission and purpose is the driving force everyday with the goal of having significant, lasting impact on the health and consciousness of people and the planet.

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