4 Steps to Set Your Health & Fitness Goals

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4 Steps to Set Your Health & Fitness Goals


Setting goals is one of the most underutilized yet most powerful ways to create the life you desire. We have all heard about the importance of it and a lot of us THINK we are doing it. But how many of us are REALLY doing it in a way that actually leads to us accomplishing our goals? The answer is very few. This week, I am going to walk you through each step in the process to set goals properly so you can accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Most research studies and surveys done around goal setting indicate that a high percentage of people do not set goals. A particular study done by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University showed that people who do set goals have a significantly decreased success rate when they did not write their goals down, share those goals with someone, and have weekly accountability around their goals. So it is not enough just to have a goal in mind there is a specific process that must be done to take the goal from a thought and manifest it into reality.


Step 1: Set a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision

You must formulate a clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want your health, fitness, and performance to be like. The best way to do this is to sit down in a quiet place, free of ALL distractions and think. Think as if you were limitless! Go into the details and be as specific as possible. Then as the vision comes to mind, WRITE IT DOWN using the present tense of “I am”. This helps you begin programming your subconscious mind to drive you to take the necessary action to manifest your vision.

For example:A vision could be written as "I am energetic moving throughout my day, I am X percent body fat, I have X lbs of muscle mass. I am feeling strong playing the sports and activities I love". Paint the entire picture here using your words, and hey if you literally want to paint it that’s a GREAT technique as well. Okay so not artistic you say? Then create a vision board with images that REMIND you and make you FEEL as if you are already your vision.

Step 2: Set SMART goals

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Your goals should align with each of these 5 words. This is where you start to breakdown that MASSIVE vision you set in step 1. Write your goals starting with the phrase "I will".

For example: "I will be 18% percent body fat by November 1st, 2018". "I will be playing my sport 100% healthy by August 1, 2018". “I will be the starting Point Guard for (insert team name) by December 1st, 2018”.

Step 3: Create Your Action Plan

Break your SMART goals down into daily, weekly, and monthly objectives. Write these action steps starting with the phrase "I am committed to". This will REMIND you of your FULL COMMITMENT to accomplishing your goals.

For example: "I am committed to training for 45 minutes, 5 days per week", "I am committed to eating 3 balanced meals everyday". "I am committed to practicing mobility drills for 20 minutes per day".

Step 4: Schedule Your Action Steps

In our busy, fast paced lifestyles there are so many different things demanding our attention. Prioritizing the actions that are going to help us achieve our goals will keep us from getting distracted. Scheduling your action steps within each day of your calendar will leverage the power of a routine as well as helping you to avoid becoming "reactive" to all of the different stimuli that may come along.


I recommend sitting down on Sunday for 30-60 mins each week and planning out your week ahead of time. Schedule the times and days you will do your workouts, go grocery shopping, prep your food, eat your meals, etc.Then treat these actions as you would an important business meeting. Show up for them, be on time, and AVOID rescheduling them as much as you can!

There is one final piece to executing on our vision and goals and it it just as important as setting the goals themselves, ACCOUNTABILITY. As the study noted in the second page of this article when people were held accountable to their goals and actions they had the HIGHEST success rates. That is no coincidence, as our 5th company core value of Teamwork states “Working together with the right support team who will push us to grow and become our best is the only way to truly maximize our potential.”

My action steps for you after reading this is to block some time this week, maybe 2-3 hours and go through this process for yourself. Many of our PHP members will be going through this process as we embark on a new Power 6 Challenge. Earlier this year, we hosted our first and our winner lost 3.5% body fat in just 6 weeks and continues to lose today. We are so excited for all the new transformations to come. Registration opens September 1st. Make sure you are subscribed to the list so you do not miss out on announcements, additional information on what the challenge entails, what to expect in the upcoming weeks, and registration instructions as we get closer to opening day. Click  hereto subscribe. I hope you found this article helpful. And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.


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