Maximizing Your Athletic Performance

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Maximizing Your Athletic Performance

To maximize your athletic potential is truly one of the most fulfilling achievements you can experience in your life. It is a process filled with self-exploration and personal growth that teaches you discipline and perseverance and like all great achievements it takes years of deliberate practice and training to attain.

For a young competitive athlete, if you begin this process young enough and consistently train smart it can make the difference in earning a full scholarship to play division one college sports. For a college or professional athlete, it can ensure you stay healthy, continue to develop, and maximize your career. Today, I am going to take you through the 3 main components that must be taken into account to achieve the goal of maximizing athletic performance.

1) Building a Fundamental Movement Foundation:
This is the first component for any athlete to address and is almost always the one that is ignored which can create a significant increase in injury risk. This component is all about developing the mobility, stability, balance and proprioception that is necessary to adequately perform the 6 main movement patterns of human movement:

1) Hip Hinging 
2) Squatting 
3) Lunging 
4) Pushing 
5) Pulling 
6) Rotating

Once an athlete has developed the capacity to perform these 6 movement patterns with proper control and efficiency they now have a platform to develop the following two components on top of and can do so in a safe manner ensuring they maintain the health of their joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

2) Developing Performance Qualities:
This component is all about building performance qualities like strength, speed, agility, vertical jump, and stamina. These qualities can separate a young athlete from their competition and keep a mature athlete at the top of their game. 

All of these qualities are important for each athlete to develop regardless of the sport they play but how you prioritize them will be different for each athlete depending on the sport and even the position they play within that sport. This is why it is so important to take a holistic, individualized approach with each athlete to ensure they are focusing on the right qualities at the right time for their level of development. If the wrong qualities are trained the athlete is left wide open to the risk of injury and poor performance.

3) Developing Sports Specific Skills:
This component is all about carrying over the qualities in the first two components to the sport specific skills that an athlete needs to execute at a high level to be successful in their sport. 

If you are a lacrosse player and you have sufficiently built your lunging and rotational movement patterns along with your strength, speed, and stamina you are going to be MUCH MORE effective shooting, changing direction, and guarding on the field.

If you are baseball player and you have sufficiently built your hip hinging and rotational movement patterns along with your strength, speed, and agility you are going to be MUCH MORE effective hitting, throwing, and sprinting on the field.

If you are a basketball player and you have sufficiently built your hip hinging, lunging, and squatting movement patterns along with your agility, vertical jump, and stamina you are going to be MUCH MORE effective changing direction, getting your shot off, and staying strong through the fourth quarter.

So, now that you know what it takes to develop into the athlete you always dreamed of what will you do next? Will you continue to ignore developing your movement foundation and performance qualities and instead just keep playing your sport? Will you keep feeding false, limiting beliefs that your genetics determine your athleticism? Will you waste time following a general training approach that doesn’t address your specific needs? I hope not. 

I hope that you will decide to commit to doing whatever it takes to become the best athlete you can be, ESPECIALLY if you are still in middle school or high school. If you begin developing properly from these young ages, there’s no telling just how far you can take your athletic career. 

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