Unrealistic Goal Setting During the Holidays

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Unrealistic Goal Setting During the Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone. And ho ho ho… it’s almost Christmas time! Before you know it, we will be saying “can you believe it’s almost 2019”? Gyms will be full of new faces and faulty resolutions.

But today, the last week of November, it’s that time of year where the masses put their health and wellness goals on the backburner. Ouch… I said it!

I have a theory though…

It isn’t the Christmas cookies and shopping holding you back but unrealistic goals and a lack of confidence in those goals. And for some, it’s a complete lack of goal setting altogether due to that same lack of confidence.

Realistic goal setting is actually the R in the SMART goal setting approach. To review, whatever goal you decide to conquer this holiday season should meet the following criteria:

S for SPECIFIC. What exactly do you want to accomplish. Break it down and make it clear. For example, maintain body fat % (or weight) of X and skeletal muscle mass of X from December-January 1st.

M for MEASURABLE. Make sure that your goal is able to be measured in some way. Whether that is using the PHP inBody machine for the above example or tracking your number of workouts for a 5 day per week gym goal.

A for ACHIEVABLE. How confident do you feel in this goal? Do you think it is an achievable one? Will you need additional support to accomplish this goal?

R for REALISTIC. As stated above, is this a realistic goal for you during the holiday season?

T for TIMEFRAME. Designate a timeframe that you will accomplish in. At this point, the remainder of the year would make a great timeframe.


So what is realistic for the holidays? What should you consider while setting your holiday goals?

1.       Your Family Traditions: You want to enjoy the holidays as best you can. So are there some family food traditions that you aren’t willing to compromise on? Is your family the family that has activities scheduled from sun up to sun down? Do you think you could realistically pull away each day for long gym sessions? These are all things to consider. It doesn’t mean you don’t set goals at all. It means you set goals that are aligned with what you are confident in. Maybe 3-4 shorter workouts with limited equipment the week of Christmas is more realistic? And if that is the case, along with your food traditions, should you have a weight loss goal that requires a significant deficit for that week? Probably not. Don’t set yourself up.


2.       Your Travel Schedule: Is your travel schedule hectic? Will you be spending days on the road? I have had holidays where I have had to be in two different states in one day. Is it realistic to set a goal that requires eating 3 prepped meals and over a gallon of water? Probably not on travel days! So depending on what travel looks like for you, you should adjust your goals accordingly.


3.       Stress Levels/Work Schedule: Is the Christmas season also Quarter 4 for you aka the most stressful time of the year? Stress, if not handled well, will make achieving any goal 10x harder. If you know yourself well and know that you tend to struggle with Q4 stress, don’t add on to it with a hefty, unrealistic goal. Choose something that is more manageable. But CHOOSE SOMETHING. Eating well and exercising regularly will only help with stress and the achievement of your work-related Q4 goals.

So what are your goals this holiday season? Share them in the comments below so we can work on them together. And as always, feel free to reach out to us for assistance with your holiday goals. We can assess your needs and your holiday situation and provide you with an individualized plan. Just fill out the form below and we will get in contact. Talk to you soon.




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