Keeping Up with your Workouts During the Holidays!

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Keeping Up with your Workouts During the Holidays!

We all know how busy life can get in December. It’s the end of the year, the holidays are here and our schedules fill up with cheer. How’s that for a holiday jingle? We have holiday parties, the kids are home from school, there are events for the kids, and even travel if we are going to visit family or go on vacation. There’s no doubt we get out of our usual routines.

So how can you keep up with your workouts through all of this?
First, you have to set realistic goals and expectations and acknowledge you may have to modify things a bit to fit your schedule demands, we covered this is in detail in our last article.

Then there are really only 2 routes you can go:
Route 1: If you’re feeling good, your holiday schedule isn’t going to be so crazy, and you feel like you can stick with your training program and the usual amount of training volume then do it! You will get a huge digital fist bump from us!
If you are going this route I recommend strategically planning to train hard during the weeks prior to the end of December and the New Year so that you can take the last week or two of the year as a “de-load” or easy period. This will allow you more flexibility in your schedule during the busiest times of the Holiday season and provide you with some well-deserved rest and recovery, so you can hit the ground running come the new year.
Route 2: If you have to modify your typical training plan and volume then set goals for how many times per week you can realistically commit to working out (which should be at least 3 times per week). Next, you need to decide what your workouts will consist of; can you make it to the gym? Will you need to opt for a home workout? Decide and then have a plan for what you will do during the workout and schedule when you will do it!

If you can make it to the gym and keep up with your training program, great do it! But more than likely there will be days you can not make it to the gym, or maybe your traveling, and you need a workout to do at home or in a hotel room with no equipment.

In that case, swipe the 30-minute workout below! If you are unfamiliar with an exercise search it's name on YouTube!
Mobility: 10 mins
-90/90 Hip Mobility
- Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
- Half Kneeling Hamstring Stretch
- Wall Chest Stretch

Strength and Conditioning: 20 mins
1a) Glute Bridge 3x20
1b) Bird Dog 3x10 each side
2a) Body Weight Squat 3x25
2b) Pushup 3x15 (Use elevated push up if unable to do a full push up)
3a) Plank 3x45 sec
3b) Dead Bug 3x10 each side

So, remember you have to set goals, plan, and execute. Your health and fitness is truly your number one asset and without it you would not be able to enjoy the Holidays to begin with or any of the other areas of your life. So, no matter how busy it gets stay committed to what matters most.

If you need help or some added accountability send us an email at info@powerhealthandperformance or comment below with your plan to keep up with your workouts during the holidays and we will check in with you weekly to see if you are honoring your commitments. Talk to you soon!

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