November Client of the Month: Dan

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November Client of the Month: Dan

Congratulations to Dan for winning November Client of The Month!

In November he reached some personal bests on his physique and performance. Specifically, he lost 3% body fat and was able to complete 3 sets of 3 reps with 175lbs on the bench press which is an awesome demonstration of upper body strength! Last week we sat down to interview Dan about his health and fitness journey, this is his story…

“Before I began training, I had some unhealthy habits. I was constantly yo-yo dieting and going to extreme highs and lows with my food intake. I was under a lot of stress from my work which at times can be very demanding. I played racquetball, tennis, and exercised on my own a few times per week but suffered multiple back injuries that held me back from exercising the way I wanted to. In one instance, I injured my back just closing a file cabinet. Eventually, I ended up deciding to get surgery to repair a hernia. After I had surgery, I decided to seek out a trainer, I did not want to train alone anymore without someone coaching me on proper technique.”

“My initial goal was to strengthen my core and body, so I could exercise without having back pain, I also wanted to finally develop a great physique. I wanted the V! I had these goals for about 3 years prior and was unable to reach them on my own. I tried a lot of things like running, doing bodyweight exercises like pushups at home, I even tried the infamous total gym home workout machine. I was not nearly consistent enough and one of the biggest reasons was I lacked the knowledge about how to train and I got bored with exercise because I did not know how to vary my workouts. At this point, I believed if I could just find the right person to teach me how to train my body the right way then I could definitely accomplish these goals.“

“I have loved the variety of training, the constant progression of my program, and the accountability to do it! It has made the difference for me. Doing a monthly body composition re-assessment really helped me get clear on the changes I needed to make in my training and nutrition. I also learned that it requires being good with more than just exercise to reach my goals. If there was one thing I didn’t like it was that I had to constantly buy new clothes due to my body changing so much! I got to the point where I couldn’t button my shirts because of new muscle in my upper body!😊Ok, maybe I did like that.”

“I have been able to eliminate my back pain, and definitely create the V in my physique! I believe I now have found the recipe to accomplish my goals which is empowering and to me is even more important than accomplishing the goals themselves. I have learned how to train and eat properly and feel in control because of these new-found skills.”

“My life has changed, I am even a morning person now, which was not always the case! My social life as well has increased, and I have gained a new level of confidence. If I had not started training at PHP I believe my back would still hurt and I would weigh 20 pounds more. Having the constant guidance and push by the coaches at PHP to constantly improve had made a huge difference for me. I am excited to continue to progress and create my best health and physique.”

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