Bye Bye Resolutions! Hello Intentions!

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Bye Bye Resolutions! Hello Intentions!

Before you know it, we will be toasting to the close of 2018 and entering into a brand new year full of new opportunities. I know the resolution thoughts are starting to creep in. But I have a question for you… when was the last time you fully accomplished your New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe a time or two but more often not, right?

How about we switch things up this year and set 2019 intentions. Try something new. Why not?

By setting intentions rather than resolutions, we are shifting our mindset. Over time, the definition of resolution has shifted to something that we hope happens but know probably won’t. By setting intentions, we are taking our power back. So what does that look like?

First things first, reflect on your 2018. Identify your victories; small and large. Truly take some time to give yourself a literal pat on the back by acknowledging your progress. Even if you didn’t hit every resolution or every goal, are you leaving 2018 a stronger person? Did you move closer to any of your goals? 10% closer? 20% closer? Progress is progress and every degree deserves recognition. I am proud of you! Don’t forget to be proud of yourself.

Next… visualize! Don’t think about your fears or limitations! In a perfect world, what would 2019 look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing? Really take a moment to visualize that. If that’s a bigger house… look at homes that fit your vision. If that’s expanding your business… check out new office space that fits your needs. If that is a 350# squat… watch a few lifting videos and envision yourself under that bar. What lights you up? What sets you on fire? Visualize that!

Now… turn those visualizations into SMART goals and action steps! And to help with this step, here are a few PHP articles to help you with goal setting.

Last step? Don’t forget to plan some rest and relaxation with your family the few remaining days of the year. Want a jumpstart on 2019 and those intentions? Use some of that leisure time to crack open one of the best-selling books below and exercise your mindset.

Decide your 2019 intentions are not just possible BUT in progress.

Claim them and fight for them all 2019.

And here at PHP, we are excited to not just witness but be a part of your journey!

Happy New Year!

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