December Client of the Month: Ben C

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December Client of the Month: Ben C

Congratulations to Ben for being named December Client of The Month! Despite the many
challenges of the holiday season, Ben stayed consistent with his training program and
continued to improve his body composition and performance. He reached some personal bests
in his strength completing 3 sets of 5 with 185lbs on the Hex Bar Deadlift. However, Ben’s
transformation didn’t just happen in one month, it was the result of long-term commitment
and consistency. This is his story, in his words…

“Before I began training at PHP I considered myself a weekend warrior. Due to heavy work
demands and a lot of travel I was only exercising a few times a week, mostly on the weekends
doing some bike riding or cardio for 20-30 minutes. I had bad eating habits and I had neck and
back pain. I used to do much more activity and compete in 100-mile bike riding races.”

“The neck and back pain were my wakeup call that I needed to get back to exercising more. My
initial goal was to get functional again, eliminate my aches and pains, and improve my mobility.
I needed to improve my posture as well, but I didn’t think it was possible. I also knew I wanted
to lose weight and get leaner but again I wasn’t sure it was possible, especially at my age.”

“I had these goals for 10 years but was unable to make real progress. I did all different types of
training in the past like Pilates, more cycling, and even worked with multiple trainers and
though some of it helped I was unable to fully reach my goals.”

“When I started training at PHP I had low aspirations, all I wanted was to improve my mobility
to the point where I could decrease my aches and pains in my back and hips. I had no
expectations of anything beyond that, but I have achieved that and so much more.”

“I have lost 20lbs, improved my mobility, posture, and strength significantly. I feel the strongest
I have in over 10 years. My friends and family have told me they haven’t seen me like this is 30
years! Deep down I really didn’t believe it was possible for me to accomplish my goals at my
age and since it had been so long.”

“I have loved the patience, commitment, and individualized approach I have received training
at PHP. Looking back at my past, I realize I wasn’t fully committed, I was just not prioritizing my
health and fitness enough. The guidance through a holistic program that addressed not only my
training but also my nutrition and lifestyle habits really helped me in my transformation.”

“I am excited about my future and feel empowered that I won’t be going backwards ever again
due to the healthy lifestyle habits that I feel are now ingrained in me. If I had not begun my
program at PHP I would probably still be overweight and in physical pain. I can honestly say I
am in the best place mentally, physically, and emotionally I have been in my life.”

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