4 Reasons You Haven't Kept Your Resolutions

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By now, more than 90% of people who entered 2019 with strong intentions to achieve New Years Resolutions have already quit.

In fact, it’s only around 5% of people who ever set a significant goal actually achieve it. It's sad but true. If this is sounds too familiar to you right now when it comes to your health and fitness, keep reading…

Here are 4 reasons you may have fallen off the resolution wagon already:
1. You don’t have a coach. This is the #1 most important component of your success. Without a coach to show you the way to the result you desire, you will struggle, which leads to giving up and feeling more hopeless and frustrated than before. If you read the stories of the most successful people in the world you will find one major thing in common, they all had multiple mentors/coaches who led them to grow significantly.

2. You don’t have a real plan. Trying random tactics and following your friend’s advice or an article you read in a magazine isn’t a plan. If you want long-term success, get on a proven plan and stop guessing because you aren’t going to stay motivated if you’re not seeing results.

3. You’re not tracking your progress correctly. There’s way more to progress in health and fitness than a scale! Be sure to include posture, body composition, strength, and endurance testing to get the full picture.

4. It’s just not a priority for you right now. Ouch. But it has to be said. Because the truth is that if changing your body or any other area of your life is important enough to you, time, money, or people can’t stop you from getting what you want.

So, how are YOU doing with your fitness-related resolutions? I hope you are absolutely crushing it!
But if not, please know we're here to help.

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