The Power of a Morning Routine

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The Power of a Morning Routine

Do you have a consistent morning routine that you practice daily? If not, you're missing out on some powerful benefits. Here are 3 of the best benefits you can reap...

1) Enhance Mindset: There are many mental practices you can engage in each morning to enhance your mindset. Of course, meditation is the most popular but more simple practices like reviewing your vision and goals, reading and saying your affirmations out loud, or even journaling are very effective at helping us keep our mind focus on what matters most to us.

2) Increase Productivity: One of best ways to maximize productivity is to proactively plan out what you are committed to getting done each day. Choose 3-5 high priority tasks, block out the time to complete them, and don't let anything distract you until get them done! Also, don't forget to block out the time to exercise and eat well!

3) Decrease Stress: The two practices above will help to decrease stress and carving out the quiet time that our minds need each day to think freely will help decrease stress as well. Deep breathing may be the most powerful way to decrease stress. When we engage in long, slow, deep belly breathing we literally signal our body into a rest and digest state and decrease the hormones of stress.

So how do you get started with your morning routine? Like building any new habit start small! You may want to start by planning to schedule 1 minute of one of the practices above, planning to schedule 1 minute of each of the practices above, if you're really ambitious go for 3 minutes of each!

The key is to commit to the amount that you could stay consistent with on your worst day, once you consistently execute on that then you can consider adding more. So which practice are you committed to practicing for 1 minute tomorrow morning? Let us know below!

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