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Lose 15-50+ Pounds and Create Your Best Health and Physique with our Holistic Personal Training Program Located In Harrison And Rye!

At Power Health and Performance, we guide men and women in Harrison and Rye to achieve their health and fitness goals by taking a holistic, individualized approach and coaching each person to optimize the 6 main components of health and performance which are:

  • Thinking- Our thoughts and beliefs determine our actions and habits, which then create our physical reality! 
  • Breathing- Proper breathing function keeps our body in a prime state to burn fat and gain strength. 
  • Sleeping- Adequate sleep quality and quantity is essential to maximizing the results we get from exercise. 
  • Hydration- The body is made up of 60% water, every cell in the body depends on water to function at the highest level. 
  • Nutrition- Organic, whole food focused eating for our specific needs will balance our hormones and condition our metabolism to burn fat. 
  • Movement- "Movement IS Life" the human brain is designed to enable us to move throughout the environment.

Our Personal Training gives the communities of Harrison and Rye access to 1 on 1 coaching, constant feedback and support, and an individualized journey to sustainable success. Take action today by requesting more information now!

How Does Our Personal Training Program Work?

The first step to working with us at Power Health and Performance is to complete "The PHP Health and Fitness Evaluation". During our 1-hour, comprehensive evaluation we'll:

  • Create specific, measurable goals and place them on a timeline to ensure their achievement 
  • Review your nutrition and lifestyle habits to identify the limiting factors 
  • Complete a body composition analysis to measure body fat and muscle mass so we can track the numbers that really matter! 
  • Complete a posture and movement assessment to identify any joint misalignments, muscle imbalances, or movement limitations.

The second step is to build an individualized training and nutrition program designed to specifically address your priorities and put you on the fast track to success. Our dedicated coaches will work with you day in and day out to hold you accountable and implement each step of your program.

With Our Personal Training System, The Sky's The Limit

You may have taken on a fitness program or two in the past. But you've never experienced a system as effective as our Personal Training at Power Health and Performance.

From day one, you'll be surrounded by a support system that simply can't be matched. We work to learn who you are and what keeps you motivated. And we'll be there every step of the way, providing constant feedback and motivation.

When you join us in Harrison, you can enjoy results like:

  • Sustainable fat loss 
  • Lean muscle gain and functional strength 
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle habits that you can maintain forever 
  • Increased energy and vitality to perform better in all aspects of life 
  • The deep level of fulfillment and self-confidence experienced when you build your best physique!

Take The First Step Today! Request More Information About The Best Personal Training For Harrison and Rye Now!

At Power Health and Performance, you're not just another member of a large gym. You're a part of the family and a priority for us. We're committed to making your health and fitness goals a reality.

Just click the button to request more information and fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about our Personal Training program and everything else we have to offer the residents of Harrison and Rye. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions right away!

Request a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Request a Free 15-Minute Consultation

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