The Holistic Fat Loss & Functional Strength Gain Program

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The Holistic Fat Loss & Functional Strength Gain Program is designed specifically for people who want to establish the health, nutrition, and exercise habits for sustainably losing 15-40+ lbs. while simultaneously developing functional strength and conditioning that prevents injury and improves posture.

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At Power Health and Performance, we inspire, guide, and empower you to create your best health and physical body by taking a holistic approach and coaching each person to optimize the 6 main components of health and performance which are:

1. Mindset/Thinking: Our thoughts and beliefs determine our actions and habits, which then create our physical reality!

2. Breathing: Proper breathing function keeps our body in a prime state to burn fat and gain strength.

3. Sleeping: Adequate sleep quality and quantity is essential to maximizing our performance and the results we get from training.

4. Hydration: The body is made up of 60% water, every cell in the body depends on water to function at the highest level.

5. Nutrition: Organic, whole food focused eating for our specific needs will balance our hormones and condition our metabolism to burn fat.

6. Movement: "Movement IS Life" the human brain is designed to enable us to move throughout the environment.

The Holistic Fat Loss and Functional Strength Gain Program provides you with:

  • Your own personal coach to guide you step by step through the program and the achievement of your goals.
  • 30 Minute Initial Program Orientation through Zoom.
  • 4-6 Day Mobility, Strength, and Conditioning Program delivered through the PHP Training Application with detailed video instruction for each exercise by John Calarco.
  • In App ability to take and send videos through a simple messaging interface for coaching feedback on exercise form.
  • Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Plan with Daily Habit Tracking in App.
  • Accountability check in from your personal coach 1x/week along with unlimited direct access and support through the PHP Training App's messaging interface.
  • 1 Hour Weekly Group Coaching Zoom Meeting.
  • In App Community Group for inspiration and connection with other people striving to achieve the same goal.


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