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Power Health and Performance Coaching is for men who are ready to sustainably lose 15-40+ lbs. of body fat and develop functional strength and conditioning that optimizes posture and prevents injury so they can live a long life with high energy and vitality, lead their family in living a healthy lifestyle, perform at the highest level in their professional work, and enjoy the activities and sports they love without limitations.

We inspire, guide, and empower you to create your best health and physical body by taking a holistic approach and coaching you to establish the essential habits within The 6 Foundations of Health and Performance:

1) Thoughts: Our thoughts and beliefs determine our actions and habits, which then create our physical reality!

2) Breathing: Proper breathing function provides the brain and body with enough of its primary fuel source, oxygen.

3) Sleeping: Adequate sleep quality and quantity is essential to maximizing health, performance, and recovery.

4) Hydration: The body is made up of 50-60% water, every cell and organ in the body depends on adequate pure water to function properly. 

5) Nutrition: Organic, whole food focused eating for our specific needs provides our brain and body with sufficient nutrients to function properly.

6. Movement: "Movement is Life" the human brain is designed to enable us to move throughout the environment.

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