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  • Energy In, Energy Out: Not as Simple as it Sounds

    Calories in, calories out! How many times have you heard this term when referencing weight loss? And when people use the term they make the process of weight loss sound sooo simple. In some ways, it is. There are certain simple actions that you can take day after day that do lead to weight loss but the actual process isn't as simple as it sounds. Don't worry... you will leave our website with a better understanding of the process but also a clear understanding of the simple actions to take daily that lead to weight loss. So you probably noticed the title of this post was "Energy In, Energy Out". I decided to utilize the term energy because food is much more than calories. Food is ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - Maximizing Your Athletic Performance

    Maximizing Your Athletic Performance

    To maximize your athletic potential is truly one of the most fulfilling achievements you can experience in your life. It is a process filled with self-exploration and personal growth that teaches you discipline and perseverance and like all great achievements it takes years of deliberate practice and training to attain. For a young competitive athlete, if you begin this process young enough and consistently train smart it can make the difference in earning a full scholarship to play division one college sports. For a college or professional athlete, it can ensure you stay healthy, continue to develop, and maximize your career. Today, I am going to take you through the 3 main components ....

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  • Is Sleep (or a lack of) Preventing You From Reaching Your Goals?

    When we hit weight loss, health, or performance plateaus... have low energy and poor recovery in the gym... experience brain fog... we tend to blame everything but the actual source; a lack of sleep. You could be doing everything right; eating nothing but whole foods, drinking a gallon of water per day, hitting the gym 5 days per week. But if your sleep routine is lacking your progress can and will be halted. Did you know that over 40% of the population suffers from a chronic lack of sleep? It seems like sleep is the first thing that we sacrifice but really is critical to our daily functioning. Sleep deprivation is real and can even increase the risks of high blood pressure, heart ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - The Never-ending Debate: Cardio v. Strength Training

    The Never-ending Debate: Cardio v. Strength Training

    A common question in the fitness world is which type of training is best for getting leaner? Cardio or Strength Training? At Power Health and Performance, we get asked this question all the time. Our answer? You NEED to do BOTH! Functional movement focused strength training is the foundation for our physical performance. As humans there are 6 main movement patterns we must be able to execute properly in order to keep our muscles and joints healthy and safely perform strength AND cardiovascular training. These movement patterns are:

    Hip Hinging
    Rotating These patterns are the foundation to any good strength ....

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  • Sugar... Not So Sweet!

    The average North American adult gets 20% of their daily energy intake from added sweeteners. So that means we are consuming lots of processed foods with lots of added sugar in them each day. Often times we only associate sugar intake with weight/fat gain and forget all of the other negative impacts it can haveon our bodies and our lives. Theeffects are much deeper thanlovehandles. We rack up sugar in things like sweetened beverages, breakfast cereals, sweetened milk, juice,our favoriteStarbucks drinks, lowquality protein bars and drinks, sauces & dressings,desserts,andeven yogurt. Sugar can...
    promote inflammation in your body
    suppress your immune system
    suppress ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - The Truth About Weight Loss

    The Truth About Weight Loss

    Weight loss... we hear the term everywhere we turn nowadays. At the grocery store, on tv, social media, and of course at the gym. In fact, in 2017 the weight loss and weight management industry was estimated to be worth 175 Billion, with a B, dollars! There are hundreds of different products and services across the industry like diet books, exercise programs, phone applications, supplements, and even surgeries that all are “supposed” to help a person “lose weight” and improve their health but is that even the right goal? There are two main components of body composition to take into account:
    1. Fat Mass- consisting of stored body fat 2. Lean Body ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - 4 Steps to Set Your Health & Fitness Goals

    4 Steps to Set Your Health & Fitness Goals

    Setting goals is one of the most underutilized yet most powerful ways to create the life you desire. We have all heard about the importance of it and a lot of us THINK
    we are doing it. But how many of us are REALLY doing it in a way that actually leads to us accomplishing our goals? The answer is very few. This week, I am going to walk you through each step in the process to set goals properly so you can accomplish your health and fitness goals. Most research studies and surveys done around goal setting indicate that a high percentage of people do not set goals. A particular study done by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University showed that people who do set goals have ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - The Story of Power Health and Performance

    The Story of Power Health and Performance

    The idea of Power Health and Performance was once only a dream, later to be transformed into reality by the company’s founder and owner, John Calarco. John realized his passion for health and performance at the young age of eight when he began playing organized sports, and that passion continued to abound as he grew. He dedicated 13 years to competitive basketball, playing middle school to high school to college, all the way through to professional basketball. Throughout his athletic journey John had a deep determination to figure out how he could become a great athlete and achieve his performance goals. He faced many health and performance challenges along the way which made ....

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  • Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training in Harrison!

    Check out our new website for Power Health and Performance!
    We proudly serve the Harrison, Rye, and Mamaroneck areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, Sports Performance Training and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube ....

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