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Power Health and Performance

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The Power Health and Performance Mission is to inspire and guide people to become their strongest in mind, body, and spirit so they can create their best health, physical body, and life. We focus on taking a holistic approach by addressing the 6 main components of health and performance which are mindset, breathing, sleeping, hydration, nutrition, and movement. Optimizing these 6 components is the way to accomplish sustainable health and high performance in athletics and everyday life. We're proud to work with men and women in Harrison and throughout Westchester County, making your fitness goals a reality one day at a time. GET STARTED TODAY by filling out the short form on your screen!!

Personal Responsibility

Owning 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions, all of which determine our reality and level of success.



Gaining clarity on WHY we want to be healthy, athletic, and strong is the unlimited source of motivation for achieving our goals and becoming our best.



Living in a state of gratitude for the POWER that we possess to live abundant lives on this planet is the state of being that drives us to create the life of our dreams.



Committing to the achievement of our goals by embodying a "whatever it takes mindset" empowers us to persist through obstacles that will inevitably occur.



Working together with the right support team who will push us to grow and become our best is the only way to truly maximize our potential.

Personal Training

Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance

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Small Group Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance

Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance

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Jennifer, Power Health and Performance testimonialS

"John and his team are so professional and they really know what they are doing when it comes to getting their clients strong and fit." In 6 months of training Jennifer lost 6% body fat, which is about 12 pounds of fat while increasing her muscle mass by a pound. .... Read more


Evan, Power Health and Performance testimonialS

When Evan first started working with us he had knee pain that forced him to miss almost his entire junior basketball season. We created an individualized program to address his unique needs and weaknesses and within a few months he was back to being functional and able to play again. He also .... Read more


Spencer , Power Health and Performance testimonialS

'At PHP John and his staff helped me gain strength and confidence in my body prior to basketball season. Ultimately allowing me to make my varsity basketball team. I have decreased pain in my knees as well and have been moving better ever since. I highly recommend PHP to anybody considering it." .... Read more


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