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Personal Training near Rye


March 12, 2020

In 6 months, Kathy lost 4.4% body fat, which was 6 pounds of body fat for her, while simultaneously gaining 0.6 pounds of muscle. She reported to us ”He (Coach John) helped me stay accountable and gave me goals that I had not even thought about achieving in the past and that’s really with his help and navigation and coordination of how we built a program around what my needs were, that... Read More

Personal Training near Rye


December 28, 2018

"I have lost 30 pounds since I started training at PHP which has been a little over 1 year now. My energy levels are much better, I stopped waking up so tired, now I actually wake up early naturally and most mornings have the energy to do a small workout or go for a run which is something I have never experienced in my life. I also don’t have any more shoulder or knee pain, and this has free... Read More

Personal Training near Harrison


June 20, 2019

“When I started training at PHP I had low aspirations, all I wanted was to improve my mobility to the point where I could decrease my aches and pains in my back and hips. I had no expectations of anything beyond that, but I have achieved that and so much more. I have lost 20lbs, improved my mobility, posture, and strength significantly. I feel the strongest I have in over 10 years. My friend... Read More

Personal Training near Rye


April 12, 2018

"My results have truly been lifesaving, I have significantly improved the function of my body and I am able to move throughout my day without the pain that I suffered from for so long. I am able to walk regularly and even do activities like jumping rope and playing squash which, I could have never imagined I would be able to! Not only that , I also have lost the 20lbs and 7% body fat that I had tr... Read More

Personal Training near Rye


July 09, 2018

"When I started training at PHP my goal was to get my weight down to 135 pounds so I could look my best at my wedding! I tried for over a year to achieve this goal but I was unsuccessful, with the demands of work and life I struggled to stay consistent enough with my workouts and nutrition. I even worked with multiple personal trainers throughout that time but was unable to reach my goal. In the 5... Read More

Personal Training near Rye


April 12, 2018

"I have been able to eliminate my back pain, and definitely create the V in my physique! I have lowered my body fat percentage 6% to reach my goal of under 15% and significantly increased my strength. I am now able to deadlift 325lbs which is more than 2x my body weight! I believe I now have found the recipe to accomplish my goals which is empowering and to me is even more important than accomplis... Read More

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Learn About the Services Power Health and Performance Offer

Personal Training near Harrison

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

The benefits of improved Cardiovascular Health are endless. Along with improved heart health, increased metabolism and improved recovery time, you'll also stave off diseases and have you feeling good long after your workout.

Personal Training near Harrison

Resistance & Strength Training

Along with toning your muscles and building those bulging biceps and washboard abs, Resistance Training will also protect your joints from injury, help to build and maintain flexibility & balance, and help to burn off and keep off unwanted fat.

Personal Training near Harrison

Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

Working out is the secret to staying young and healthy. If you want to slow down the clock and maintain your independence late into life, we can teach you how to get the most out of your workouts and prevent injuries and aging at the same time.

Personal Training near Harrison

Nutrition & Weight Management

If your goal is to lose weight, look no further than your Nutrition. You are what you eat! Our team works hard to give you the tools, not only to achieve your goals, but more importantly, to sustain them!


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Providing the Community of Harrison and Rye with Individualized Fitness Training

The Power Health and Performance Mission is to inspire and guide adults and youth athletes from Harrison, Rye, and throughout Westchester County to become their strongest in mind, body, and spirit so they can create their best health, physical body, and life. We focus on taking a holistic approach by addressing the 6 main components of health and performance which are thinking, breathing, sleeping, hydration, nutrition, and movement.

Optimizing the 6 components is the way to accomplish sustainable health and high performance in athletics and everyday life. We're proud to work with men, women, and youth athletes in Harrison, Rye, and throughout Westchester County, making your health, fitness, and athletic performance goals a reality one day at a time. GET STARTED TODAY by filling out the short form at the bottom of this page to request more information.


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Personal Training near Rye

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