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  • Is your Diet TOO Restrictive?

    We are a society that loves quick, fast, and in a hurry. That’s how we move. Hurried and [mostly] ineffective. The best thing I ever did was [slow down]. The moment I slowed down… I got more things done. Why? Because I was able to move with clarity and intention. How does this relate to the task at hand; our diet and weight loss? Because the impatience that comes with hurried movement affects how we approach eating. We jump into new diets because we see people get quick results. We see people lose their first 20 lbs and we ask them how instead of asking them if they’ve been able to keep it off. We want instant gratification. But would you rather lose 20 lbs ....

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  • What Gets Tracked, Gets Accomplished

    Are you tracking your progress on a consistent basis? “What gets tracked, gets accomplished!” is one of our favorite quotes at PHP. Countless times, we have witnessed the power of consistently tracking certain metrics leading to awesome results with the people we work with. So, what should you be tracking? Most people track their weight, how they fit into their clothes, and generally how they feel. While these can all be valuable metrics it is even more beneficial to get specific. Here are the 4 main metrics we recommend tracking:
    Body Composition Analysis:
    Instead of just tracking the weight number, which doesn’t tell us exactly what we are losing, a body ....

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  • Is There a Result You Desire?

    Maybe it’s weight loss, maybe it’s to get stronger, increase your energy levels, or perform at a high level in your sport. Whatever the goal is, what I’m going to talk about applies.​ If you or someone you know has ever gone to extreme measures to lose weight – HCG injections, diet pills, surgery, starvation diets, etc – the chances are VERY small that they were successful. And if they were, chances are that they couldn’t sustain the result. I’m going to tell you why… They were chasing a result while ignoring the process. To be successful with anything long term, whether it’s nutrition, weight loss, fitness, business, ....

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  • Are You Human? You Need a Coach!

    Written by: John Calarco This is a subject I am REALLY passionate about. As someone who has personally had dozens of coaches of many different types in the areas of sports, fitness, nutrition, and psychology. I have personally experienced the power of having a coach throughout my entire life. In fact, our 5th company core value at PHP is Teamwork. We acknowledge that the only way for a person to reach their full potential is by having a strong support team around them and we take pride in being that support team for our clients. Think about it, there are only a few ways to you can gain the resources you need in order to accomplish your goals. You can: - Read - Watch instructional ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - December Client of the Month: Ben C

    December Client of the Month: Ben C

    Congratulations to Ben for being named December Client of The Month! Despite the many challenges of the holiday season, Ben stayed consistent with his training program and continued to improve his body composition and performance. He reached some personal bests in his strength completing 3 sets of 5 with 185lbs on the Hex Bar Deadlift. However, Ben’s transformation didn’t just happen in one month, it was the result of long-term commitment and consistency. This is his story, in his words… “Before I began training at PHP I considered myself a weekend warrior. Due to heavy work demands and a lot of travel I was only exercising a few times a week, mostly on the ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - Bye Bye Resolutions! Hello Intentions!

    Bye Bye Resolutions! Hello Intentions!

    Before you know it, we will be toasting to the close of 2018 and entering into a brand new year full of new opportunities. I know the resolution thoughts are starting to creep in. But I have a question for you… when was the last time you fully accomplished your New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe a time or two but more often not, right? How about we switch things up this year and set 2019 intentions. Try something new. Why not? By setting intentions rather than resolutions, we are shifting our mindset. Over time, the definition of resolution has shifted to something that we hope happens but know probably won’t. By setting intentions, we are taking our power back. So ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - November Client of the Month: Dan

    November Client of the Month: Dan

    Congratulations to Dan for winning November Client of The Month!
    In November he reached some personal bests on his physique and performance. Specifically, he lost 3% body fat and was able to complete 3 sets of 3 reps with 175lbs on the bench press which is an awesome demonstration of upper body strength! Last week we sat down to interview Dan about his health and fitness journey, this is his story… “Before I began training, I had some unhealthy habits. I was constantly yo-yo dieting and going to extreme highs and lows with my food intake. I was under a lot of stress from my work which at times can be very demanding. I played racquetball, tennis, and exercised on my own a ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - You and Your [Realistic] Holiday Caloric Intake

    You and Your [Realistic] Holiday Caloric Intake

    This week, we touched on keeping up with your workouts during the holidays. And today, we want you to take into consideration that exact activity level. Why? Because that is a key step in determining your caloric intake. There are many apps that spew out different calorie recommendations based on your age and goals but there is a much more accurate approach. And we are here to teach you how to do this all on your own (and with the help of your iPhone calculator more than likely, HA). Before we proceed, I want you to take into consideration what is realistic for you during the holiday season. Check out our post on setting realistic goals here [ ....

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - Keeping Up with your Workouts During the Holidays!

    Keeping Up with your Workouts During the Holidays!

    We all know how busy life can get in December. It’s the end of the year, the holidays are here and our schedules fill up with cheer. How’s that for a holiday jingle? We have holiday parties, the kids are home from school, there are events for the kids, and even travel if we are going to visit family or go on vacation. There’s no doubt we get out of our usual routines. So how can you keep up with your workouts through all of this?
    , you have to set realistic goals and expectations and acknowledge you may have to modify things a bit to fit your schedule demands, we covered this is in detail in our last article. Then there are really only 2 routes you can go:

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  • Personal Training in Harrison - Power Health and Performance - Unrealistic Goal Setting During the Holidays

    Unrealistic Goal Setting During the Holidays

    Thanksgiving has come and gone. And ho ho ho… it’s almost Christmas time! Before you know it, we will be saying “can you believe it’s almost 2019”? Gyms will be full of new faces and faulty resolutions. But today, the last week of November, it’s that time of year where the masses put their health and wellness goals on the backburner. Ouch… I said it! I have a theory though… It isn’t the Christmas cookies and shopping holding you back but unrealistic goals and a lack of confidence in those goals. And for some, it’s a complete lack of goal setting altogether due to that same lack of confidence. Realistic goal ....

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