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  • Why We Crave Sweet Foods

    Millions of years of evolution have wired the brain to desire and consume sweet, high calorie carbohydrates, like fruits and tubers, because they are quick sources of energy, can be effectively stored as energy, and are high in nutrients. When we eat sweet carbohydrates the brain's reward system gets activated and releases dopamine which signals the brain that this was a positive experience, further encouraging this behavior. On top of this, high levels of stress and stress hormones further increase our desire for sweet carbohydrates. When our hunter gatherer ancestors lived in nature and food was scarce or we were in a highly stressful situation, like being hunted or escaping a ....

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  • How To Set Your 2021 Health and Fitness Goals

    How To Set Your 2021 Health and Fitness Goals

    Goal Setting is one of the most misunderstood but most powerful tools to create the life you desire. We have all heard about the importance of it and a lot of us THINK we are doing it. But how many of us are REALLY doing it in a way that actually leads to us accomplishing our goals? In this article, I am going to walk you through each step in the process to set your health and fitness goals properly. Most research studies and surveys done around goal setting indicate that a high percentage of people don't even set goals to begin with! A particular study done by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University showed that people who do set goals have a significantly decreased success rate ....

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  • John Calarco's COVID-19 Message

    John Calarco's COVID-19 Message

    I haven't shared a single word on social media about the COVID-19 situation to date, instead I have spent the past month with THE INTENTION OF LEARNING as much as I can about it so I could decide on THE BEST MINDSET to approach it with and actions to take to ensure the health of myself, my family, the people I come in contact with, and the planet as a whole. For the past week I have felt compelled to share my message and it took me about a week to organize my thoughts and put them into the following words. What I have written here is what I believe to be the most powerful mindset and message that we can embody and accept as human beings in this case and in any case. This is not a short ....

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  • The Impact of Exercise on Sleep

    The Impact of Exercise on Sleep

    I have some interesting news for you today about how your workouts can help you sleep better. You already know that working out regularly helps improve your sleep. It only makes sense that if you make your body tired, you’ll sleep better. In fact, some research shows that regular exercise has the same impact on your sleep as sleeping pills!
    But there’s some cool new info about exactly how workouts can improve your sleep. First, moderate aerobic exercise (cardio workouts like jogging, biking, the elliptical, most cardio classes, etc.) reduces stress and lifts your mood to help make it easier to fall asleep. But it goes deeper than that. It also can ....

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  • The Power of a Morning Routine

    The Power of a Morning Routine

    Do you have a consistent morning routine that you practice daily? If not, you're missing out on some powerful benefits. Here are 3 of the best benefits you can reap... 1) Enhance Mindset: There are many mental practices you can engage in each morning to enhance your mindset. Of course, meditation is the most popular but more simple practices like reviewing your vision and goals, reading and saying your affirmations out loud, or even journaling are very effective at helping us keep our mind focus on what matters most to us. 2) Increase Productivity: One of best ways to maximize productivity is to proactively plan out what you are committed to getting done each day. Choose 3-5 high ....

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  • Is "The Deadlift" a Dangerous Exercise?

    Is "The Deadlift" a Dangerous Exercise?

    "The Deadlift" is one of the most popular strength training exercises but also one of the most feared. Often times when people hear the name mentioned they remember the time they tried the exercise and their back tightened up after just one set or they think of someone they know who actually hurt their back while deadlifting. The begets the question, is the deadlift a dangerous exercise? The answer is yes, the deadlift is dangerous when it is done with incorrect technique and out of context for the individual. But the answer is no when its done with proper technique and in the right context and actually it is one of the best strength exercises you can use to improve your resilience and ....

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  • PHP's Top 3 Protein Bar Recommendations

    PHP's Top 3 Protein Bar Recommendations

    In our fast paced lifestyles it's a MUST to keep quick, healthy food options on hand at all times. Protein bars are a great option but not all are created equal! Most of the protein bars on the market are high in added sugars and contain chemicals and additives that are toxic to our body. Some just don't taste that good. There are SO MANY different protein bars to choose from so to help you cut through all of the choices and information we took the time to rank our top 3. Here they are: 1) Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars-
    these protein bars are the lowest in sugar and carbohydrates that we have been able to find which is one of the biggest reasons they earn our top spot. They ....

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  • Save HOURS with this simple meal prep trick

    Save HOURS with this simple meal prep trick

    We have a super simple, time-saving tip for you today – a tip that will make your life easier, save you money, AND help you stay on track with your nutrition. Here it goes: Typically, most of us fall into two camps when it comes to meal prep. We either overthink it, or we don’t think about it all. Overthinking is an easy trap to fall into… there’s just SO much “stuff” on the internet, in magazines, and on social media with conflicting information. It’s nearly impossible to filter out all the noise and to make an actual decision. So, you think about it, you think some more, and then before you know it, it’s time to eat and you still ....

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  • 5 Steps To Level Up Your Mindset

    The perspective from which I want to discuss this topic today has to do with cultivating a mindset that actually allows you to reach your goals. It’s easy to get fed up with your current situation – whether it be weight, athletic performance, a job, finances, a relationship or otherwise – and say to yourself “I’m done! Things are about to change!” But then they don’t. Because that moment of inspiration from frustration is fleeting. A month, a year, and 5 years go by and things are still the same… …unless you create a new mindset that will allow you to follow through all the way to success. Here are 5 steps you can take to do ....

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  • Creating Empowering Belief Systems

    Have you ever wondered where your beliefs come from and why you believe certain things about life and the world to be true? If not, that’s ok, but I want you to keep an open mind for me as you read this… You see, many of the belief systems we have aren’t our own. They are imposed on us by parents, society, cultures, etc… For example, what defines a successful life for most people is the traditional story – go to school, get a great job, buy a house, start a family, work hard until you can retire, then kick back and enjoy life. Today more than ever that belief is being challenged. People are beginning to crave a different narrative. But that’s been ....

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